Here at Rector's Vacuum Shop, we carry a wide array of best-in-market vacuum cleaners and vacuum parts, representing the most popular brands available! We give you the convenient option of having our expert technicians repair your vacuum cleaner with unmatched turn-around time -- or you can take your vacuum cleaner home to fix it yourself.

You'll find at Rectors a large selection of Miele parts and accessories, such as brush rollers, belts, filters, and much more. We also carry parts for other leading brands such as Hoover, Royal, Lindhaus, Kirby, Sebo and Riccar.

Rectors carries more vacuum bags, belts, and filters than any other vacuum dealer in Whatcom County! Take advantage of our huge selection of cleaning accessories, attachments and common replacement parts. We can even special order parts for most vacuums! We also carry popular lines of carpet shampoos, stain removers, pet and odor stain removers, as well as hardwood floor care products and more.

Bgst1566 Bissel Power Steamer

If you want complete control and optimum efficiency from your steam mop, then you've struck gold with the BISSELL BIGGREEN COMMERCIAL PowerSteamer™

This steamer is what you have been waiting for! Armed with the handy, flip-down Easy Scrubber, you can thoroughly clean tough messes and even grout.

Give your hardwood floors a shiny, sanitized clean with the variable, digital steam control.

Want more? Clean stuck, dried-on spots two times faster than the leading steam mop with a built-in Easy Scrubber.

If you want versatility, then you'll appreciate the three washable, Microfiber Mop Pads - two soft pads for everyday use and one scrubby pad for heavy messes.

Customize the cleaning performance of your PowerSteamer™ with the SmartSet digital, variable steam control (low, medium, high).

Now clean, sanitized floors are a simple steam away!

Nellie's Cordless Wow Mop

This world-class, super flexible, nimble mop can clean on any floor surface throughout your home and clean with precision! Its adjustable height allows for comfortable handling and as it can also turn into a kid-friendly mop.

The Wow Mop uses two large pads at the bottom so you will never miss a spot! Take your wireless Wow Mop all over your house without having to struggle with a cord! One charge lasts up to nearly one hour.

Maneuver into those hard-to-reach places in your home with the innovative ergonomic design of Nellie's Wow Mop.

Versatility is key with its oscillating pads and LED lights on the base of the light-weight Wow Mop. Be amazed as it scrubs clean your hardwood, tile, ceramic, and other floors!

Nellie's Wow Mop comes equipped with four reusable pads and a charging cable.

Experience the joy of cleaning your floors quickly and easily with this ground-breaking mop!

Unique Household Cleaning Products - Safe Products That Work

Unique Pet Care (Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator)
(Now available at Rectors Vacuum Shop)

Unique Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator is highly effective and safe for you and your family! No masking here! Our blend of safe bacteria and microbes quickly go to work biodegrading and ultimately eliminating odors and stains on any surface that is not prone to water damage.

After the mess has been removed, all that is left behind is carbon dioxide and water. That means your stains and odors are gone for good!

You will also appreciate that Unique Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator is non-toxic and eco-friendly!

Unique Natural Products (Carpet Shampoo + Spot Remover)
(Now available at Rectors Vacuum Shop)

Restore your stained and dirty carpets to their original allure with Unique's Carpet Shampoo! Our non-toxic, deep-cleaning formula permanently removes new and old stains and odors. No harsh chemicals, no scary additives, no residue and no possibility of harm to your family or pets.

Unique Carpet Shampoo is loaded with billions of grease-eating bacteria that digest grease that is trapped in carpets, leaving nothing behind but carbon dioxide and water. That means your carpets get cleaned and stay clean!

Fred's Household Fine Cleaning Products

Fred's Daily Counter Cleaner

(Now available at Rectors Vacuum Shop)

Fred's Daily Counter Cleaner is a special formula designed to safely clean your natural stone counters, furniture and as a daily stone shower cleaner.

This powerful cleaning product will remove dirt and grime from counter tops and is made from natural stone such as polished marble, granite, limestone, travertine. It is also great on ceramic tile and other hard washable surfaces.
  • Counter Cleaner for Polished Marble, Granite, Limestone, Travertine & Ceramic Tile
  • Simple Spray & Wipe Formula. No Scrubbing
  • Can be used Daily to Remove Dirt & Grime
  • Neutral PH
  • No Harsh Acids or Abrasives
  • Fresh Neutral Scent
  • Safe for kitchen use, all hard & washable surfaces
  • Can be used as a Daily Stone Shower Cleaner
Fred's Daily Counter Cleaner is perfect for ALL general cleaning tasks!

Fred's Stainless Steel Polish and Cleaner

(Now available at Rectors Vacuum Shop)

Fred's Stainless Steel Polish and Cleaner will finally make having stainless steel appliances and sinks easy to maintain.
  • Cleans, Protects and Polishes
  • One simple operation
  • Resists finger prints, grease and water spots
  • Excellent on all stainless steel appliances and chrome
No streaking, no buffing, no need to follow the grain. This product will make you enjoy having stainless steel again! Guaranteed! Fred's Stainless Steel Polish and Cleaner cleans, shines, and protects your investment. It also works great on your outdoor stainless steel barbeque.

Fred's Weekly Counter Polish

(Now available at Rectors Vacuum Shop)

Use Fred's Daily Counter Cleaner to clean and maintain surfaces in your home and Fred's Weekly Counter Polish to protect and make future cleaning easier!! Easy to use, protects and shines with no streaking!

Fred's Weekly Counter Polish can safely be used on any above-the-floor hard surface to protect and make future cleaning easier!
  • Beautifier and Protector
  • Seals, & Protects
  • Restores Color and Increases Shine
  • Can Be Used To Protect Glass Shower Doors
  • Specifically designed for porous and non-porous counter tops such as granite, marble, Corian, Formica, ceramic tile and other hard surfaces.
  • Safe on all fixture finishes.
  • Great for use in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Use on cleaned glass shower doors to repel water and soap scum.
Some other uses for Fred's Weekly Counter Polish include: enamel or glass cook tops, sink basins, toilets, door hardware and drawer pulls, windows with sprinkler over spray problems (remove hard water deposits with Fred's PTC Green then treat glass with Fred's Weekly Counter Polish), Glass patio tables, car rims and high-end brake calipers (protects against brake dust), boat hardware (remove corrosion with Flitz Metal Polish follow with Fred's Weekly Counter Polish to protect against water and corrosion), and windscreens.

Apply with Fred's Microfiber Applicator Sponge or with Fred's Ultra Plush Towels.

Fred's Five Star Glass Cleaner Quart with Spray Top

(Now available at Rectors Vacuum Shop)

Fred's Five Star Glass Cleaner does not streak or smear! It is ammonia free, and out performs all other glass cleaners. It utilizes biodegradable corn-derived alcohol, biodegradable surfactants, and food grade coloring.
  • No streak formula
  • Excellent for cleaning show cases, mirrors, windows, windshields, lenses, glazed tile and any glass or glazed surfaces
  • Ready to use
  • Dirt and grease cutting additives
  • Safe non-ammoniated formula
Simply spray and wipe using Fred's Five Star Glass Towel. This is the best liquid glass cleaner you will ever use! When cleaning LCD / Plasma screens, spray Fred's Five Star Glass Cleaner directly onto Fred's Five Star Glass Towel and then wipe screen, to avoid moisture from entering into casing.

Fred's Five Star Glass Cleaner is a GREEN CERTIFIED FORMULA!!

DIRECTIONS: This cleaner will not streak or smear. Use it just as it is, straight from the bottle. Apply with a trigger sprayer and wipe it off immediately to insure maximum cleaning.

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