Miele Bagless Vacuum - Blizzard CX1 Turbo Team Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner
(Available Now at Rectors Vacuum Shop)

Breath Easier with HEPA Air Clean Filter

As it works together with air guides to optimize air flow, perfectly capturing coarse and fine dust from any surface.Then it ensures only coarse particles find their way to the dust container. This unique technology reduces the plume of dust that is common when emptying most other bagless vacuum cleaners.

The HEPA Air Clean Filter is lifetime maintenance free and retains up to 99.9 percent of the finest dust particles.

If you want a super strong and durable vacuum cleaner that is efficient and versatile, then you should consider purchasing this Miele Bagless vacuum.

Here are the exceptional features of this popular vacuum - now available at Rectors Vacuum Shop:
  • Air Driven
  • Carpeting Attachment
  • Low-Medium Pile
  • Hard Floor Attachment
  • Lifetime Filter
Ideal for Low-Medium Pile Carpeting and All Hardwood Flooring

The Blizzard CX1 Turbo Team Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for users with low-medium pile carpeting, and all types of hard flooring. This state-of-the-art cleaning machine is air driven, meaning it can take any non-electric flooring attachments/accessories.

Optimal Versatility with the Miele Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner

This model comes standard with two flooring attachments: an air driven carpeting attachment, with a spinning brush roll, that handles low-medium pile carpeting, and a separate hard flooring attachment that handles all hard flooring.

Enjoy even more versatility and convenience with the three cleaning attachments- and the dusting brush is conveniently integrated into your handle for easy reach and storage while you clean. The other accessories are stored on the body of your canister.

Vortex Technology

Miele's Vortex Technology produces a velocity greater than 62 miles an hour! Miele also combined this technology to work seamlessly with Miele's floor heads and attachments.

Combined with Miele's aerodynamic air flow, the Miele bagless models have taken the first class level of bagless filtration. Coarse particles and fine particles are separated into two different containers- coarse particles are filtered into the transparent container and fine particles are separated through a fine filter.

The impressive range of Miele Bagless vacuum cleaners sets the standard for convenience, power, and cleaning performance.

Riccar R-10 CV.6 (Cordless Vacuum)

With the Riccar R-10 CV.6, your experience with battling annoying vacuum cords are over! Now you can enjoy the power of a superior quality vacuum without the inconveniences of winding and unwinding a cord, tangles and trip hazards, or running out of cord just before the job is done.

With a 44-volt lithium ion battery, the SupraLite cordless runs for more than 60 minutes without charging, and with the press of a button, a battery level indicator lets you know when you need to recharge.

You also get exceptional durability with the Riccar R-10 CV.6! The SupraLite cordless comes equipped with a metal handle tube, wheel axles and upright stop. If you struggle with asthma or allergies, you will appreciate the self-sealing genuine HEPA media vacuum bag that traps dust. The self-sealing HEPA Media Bag meets HEPA filtration standard of 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns.

You also get the advantages of ideal convenience and extraordinary versatility with the on/off switch on the DeluxeTouch handle grip, a squeegee for bare floor cleaning, an ultra-bright LED headlight, rubber wheels and a helpful carry handle.

This vacuum was designed, tested and built in America's heartland.

Riccar Roam (Cordless Vacuum)

Our ultra-convenient Riccar Roam cordless vacuum is equipped with a swivel nozzle that makes it nimble enough to glide around floor lamps and under chair legs with ease. Allergy and asthma sufferers will appreciate the HEPA Media Filter which keeps particles trapped in the filter instead of blowing them back into the room.

You realize the exceptional convenience that comes with a 40-volt lithium ion battery that supplies up to 40 minutes of vacuuming per charge. Run time may vary based on the floor surface, charge level and age of the battery.

You want more convenience and ease-of-use? Then you will appreciate the Roam's on-board tools, stretch hose and aluminum wand which offers more than 10 feet of reach for above-floor cleaning. The Roam even has a convenient on-board hose that allows you to get into tight corners or clean between the cushions.

Switch seamlessly to bare floors with a spinning brushroll and a polishing strip.

Because it is cordless, the Roam is safer, easy to use and portable.

This vacuum cleaner is the ideal, highly efficient tool for quick, on-the-go floor cleaning!

Shampooers/Extractors for Rent!

Do you have carpets that are stained and in need of steam cleaning but you are on a limited budget?

Do you have company coming over but your carpets are not presentable because they are covered in pet stains?

Are you getting ready to move and you need to steam clean your carpets after years of wear and heavy usage?

Go to RECTORS VACUUM SHOP and choose from our two top-of-the-line Carpet Shampooers/Extractors that you can rent for very modest dollar amounts that will accommodate the leanest household budgets!

Both of our Shampooers/Extractors rent for $29.99 on weekdays and $39.99 on the weekends.

Our exceptionally crafted Royal FR50152 model Carpet Shampooer/Extractor comes equipped with a hose and accessories to do upholstery.

The state-of-the-art manufactured Hoover Steam Vac Model, FH50027 RM Carpet Shampooer/Extractor is designed for carpets only and does not have a hose.

In order to get the best results from your steam cleaning experience, we highly recommend you use the Lindhaus Extractaire Shampoo, which runs for only $19.99 per quart. It is also a concentrate, ensuring you will get a lot of use out of your Lindhaus Extractaire Shampoo! This premium quality Extractaire Shampoo also dries very fast and does not leave any residue.

And forget those stubborn pet stains. You'll be able to get those out successfully with our Unique brand, tailor made for removing stains and odors and perfectly suited for pet owners. You can purchase our Unique brand for just $19.99 a quart and you'll get extra value as this product is also concentrated. You can use this product with both of our shampooers.

Quality --> Value --> Affordability --> Rectors Shampooers/Extractors!

Airbelt E3 Premium (Canister Style) from Sebo

Now available at Rectors, the Airbelt E3 Premium vacuum cleaner by Sebo is an elite cleaning tool that offers extraordinary benefits that include ultra-quiet, superb hospital-grade filtration, and powerful suction performance.

This advanced technology vacuum features a 37-foot cleaning radius, a large-capacity filter bag, three on-board attachments, rubber-coated wheels to protect floor surfaces, and a durable telescopic tube with quick-release connections.

Want versatility? The E3 Premium vacuum offers the commercial-quality ET-1 power head that cleans both carpets and hard floors seamlessly.

How about ease-of-use and comfort? The E3's ergonomically designed handle includes the suction adjustment switch, which provides user comfort and effortless control of the power head's 180° steering ability and super-low, 3.5-inch horizontal cleaning profile.

X(4) from Sebo

If you want the most technically advanced vacuum cleaner in the world then you might want to buy our Sebo X (4). This German-made vacuum cleaner features an electronic controller that measures the resistance of the brush roller against the floor and signals the power head to adjust to the appropriate brush height. This advanced technology ensures optimum performance on both carpet and hard-floor surfaces!

You can try this vacuum cleaner right in our showroom today at Rectors Vacuum Shop!

Dart from Sebo

This ultra-modern vacuum cleaner is uniquely designed for congested areas where filtration and hygiene are paramount. You'll find this vacuum particularly useful for above-the-floor cleaning with its on-board accessories.

The Sebo Dart sets a new technical standard with its 3-step SEBO S-class filtration, anti-allergy system, making the Sebo Dart the perfect choice for those of you with allergies and asthma. And if you want extreme convenience and flexibility, then take advantage of the portability of the compact canister, which is perfect for stairs and cleaning above the floor such as beds, drapes and chairs, etc.

Unique only to SEBO is the ability to convert this upright deep carpet cleaning unit into an Ultra High Speed Polisher.

Prima Power Team Premium Canister from Riccar

Prima Power Team Premium Canister with Tandem Air by Riccar

The Prima Power Team Premium Canister with Tandem Air by Riccar is the most versatile and complete vacuum cleaner you could ever hope to own! Equipped with superior Tandem Air technology that runs on two workhorse motors, the Tandem Air Premium comes complete with all the features you've come to expect from Riccar. Top-of-the-line accessories include self-sealing HEPA media bag, 28-foot cord, telescopic wand, adjustable suction control and a lifetime serpentine belt.

Talk about ultimate convenience! Take advantage of a nozzle that features a metal brushroll with two rows of replaceable brushstrips and a soft carpet bottom plate to gently clean newer soft carpet styles.

You want versatility? Your Tandem Air Premium Canister comes equipped with a tool adapter that connects to any size vacuum tools so you can use tools from other manufacturers.

Miele Complete C3 SoftCarpet Canister Vacuum

The Miele Complete C3 SoftCarpet Canister Vacuum is the ultimate cleaning tool when it comes to convenience and quality! If you are looking for an unstoppable vacuum cleaner that can handle any cleaning situation, then you'll want to consider this vacuum cleaner for your home or office!

The C3 SoftCarpet Canister Vacuum offers a special SoftCarpet power setting for cleaning that is ideal for thick soft carpeted surfaces.

As for power, this Miele vacuum is equipped with a 1200-watt Vortex motor that is powerful yet quiet for an ideal cleaning experience for all members of your household.
When it comes to versatility, our C3 SoftCarpet Canister Vacuum is designed to tackle pile carpet of any height as well as smooth floor surfaces. What's more, the three Miele vacuum cleaner attachments inside provide you with special compartments that clean delicate drapes, furniture, and tight spaces.

Finally, the C3 SoftCarpet Canister Vacuum is very popular with our customers who have allergies or asthma as it holds 4.76 quarts of dirt and debris. Each Type GN vacuum bag comes equipped with a hygienic, self-closing collar that is guaranteed to keep all dirt securely inside.

Notable Features of the Miele Complete C3 SoftCarpet Canister Vacuum
  • Miele Type GN Vacuum Cleaner Bags
  • Miele SF-HA50 HEPA AirClean Filter
  • Miele SBB300-3 Parquet Twister Brush
  • Miele SEB228 SoftCarpet Electrobrush

(Watch this short video and see why Miele vacuums lead the marketplace in quality and innovation while being able to cater to your personal needs and preferences.)
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Rectors Vacuum Shop carries more than 40 best-in-market vacuums that fit any budget and accommodate the cleaning needs and stylistic preferences of our customers. Our neighborhood Shop in Bellingham enjoys a proud legacy of satisfying Whatcom County customers, in part, because of our large inventory of well-made vacuums and our exceptional customer service.

Choose from one of our best-selling lines, which is Miele vacuums, the German built vacuum cleaner, long considered a pre-eminent brand. Another top-of-the-line brand is Lindhaus. Both vacuums are the gold standard for generating outstanding air quality inside your home while being gentle on carpets. These are examples of bagged vacuums.

If you appreciate versatility and durability then the M700 from Maytag could be the vacuum cleaner for you. You can enjoy the incredible convenience that comes with an 11-foot plus radius that cleans entire rooms from floor to ceiling with on-board tools, stretch hose and telescopic wand. What's more, multi-surface performance allows you to switch between carpets and floors quickly and easily.

A generous 35-foot cord gives you hassle-free cleaning.

As for durability, the M700 comes with a self-sealing, advanced-filtration bag system that locks in microscopic dirt and dust particles for maximum cleaning performance - with poof-proof bag disposal.

Put your mind at ease knowing your vacuum is equipped with a metal brushroll and bottom plate components.

Quality Assurance: Carpet and Rug Institute Gold Seal of Approval for soil removal, dust containment and carpet fiber protection.

Maytag vacuums are assembled in the USA!

If you appreciate ease of use and ultimate convenience in your vacuum cleaner, then the Cordless SupraLite R10CV by Riccar could be your dream vacuum! The SupraLite Cordless Vacuum delivers the power of a regular vacuum but without the inconveniences of winding and unwinding a cord, tangles and trip hazards, or running out of cord before the job is done.

Opting for a 44-volt lithium ion battery means you get more than 60 minutes of uninterrupted vacuuming with the press of a button. A battery level indicator lets you know when you need to recharge.
Durability is assured with a metal handle tube, wheel axles and upright stop. Reduce the risk of allergens in your home with the self-sealing genuine HEPA media vacuum bag to capture dust.

Spoil yourself with popular ease-of-use features like an on/off switch on the DeluxeTouch handle grip, a squeegee for bare floor cleaning, an ultra-bright LED headlight, rubber wheels and a convenient carry handle.

Riccar vacuums are made in the USA!

For those of you more budget conscious but not wanting to sacrifice on quality, we recommend Royal or Hoover vacuums. Are you looking for extreme convenience and affordability? Then consider our Riccar vacuums as they are the most light-weight cleaning machines we carry and they are manufactured exclusively in the USA!

Rectors Vacuum Shop also carries top-of-the-line, premium quality commercial vacuums! Housekeepers and janitors routinely rely on our Riccar Commercial Supra Lite vacuum, primarily for its light-weight appeal. Another popular brand in our commercial line is Lindhaus Activa 30 Pro – known for being exceptionally quiet and for generating outstanding air quality. If you are looking for a Back Pack vacuum, then take a look at our Mosquito Super Vac. This vacuum is ideal for restaurants and churches as it performs very well in large open spaces. No matter what type of flooring your home – or business – consists of, Rectors Vacuum Shop has the perfect vacuum cleaner to get the job done right! And don't forget to try any of our vacuums at our showroom to ensure you are supremely confident about your purchase!

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